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Los Angeles, California 90025

Dr. Richard Romanoff epitomizes the ideal qualities one would hope for from a professional in his field. I have been fortunate to call on Dr. Romanoff for his insights and diligent effort on many occasions, and I credit him directly with extraordinarily successful results in seemingly impossible cases. He is brilliant in his work, unceasingly honest, humane, empathetic and caring. Importantly, he will always tell me when I am going down a wrong path. Finally, because he works on behalf of the prosecution and defense, his opinions are highly regarded by judges and counsel for both sides. Simply put, he is the best there is at what he does.

--Michael Artan,
Attorney at Law

I have had the pleasure of referring various criminal clients to Dr. Romanoff over the past twenty years for psychological evaluations. The time, effort and energy he devotes to such evaluations is truly impressive. More importantly, his detailed analysis is routinely accepted and admired by prosecutors and judges, usually resulting in much more favorable plea dispositions. I am fortunate to have him as a valuable 'go to' expert.

--Dana Cole,
Attorney at Law,
Cole & Loeterman

Dr. Romanoff is one of the best forensic evaluators in Los Angeles. I have retained Dr. Romanoff on numerous cases of various types: violence, sex and pornographic offenses, as well as insanity and various other mental health issues as they relate to the criminal justice system. He spends the necessary time reviewing the case facts and obtaining the psycho-social history of the client and the client's family. Dr. Romanoff's reports are thorough and well-reasoned. His opinions are always well supported. He remains up to date on the forensic literature. When I have called him as a witness at trial he comes well prepared; he knows the facts of the case cold, and the opinions he tenders cannot be rebutted. Although I am a criminal defense attorney, and I seek information to present a defense or in mitigation of punishment for my clients, I know the prosecution will respect, without hesitation, a report drafted by Dr. Romanoff.

--Alan Eisner,
Attorney at Law,
Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin LLP

I have used Dr. Romanoff on numerous occasions in federal criminal proceedings and civil cases over the past fifteen years. Dr. Romanoff establishes a good relationship even with very difficult clients, and invariably gets them to open up to him. He is not only able to administer various tests to access a person's mental state, but he is almost always able to determine, beyond the tests, a person's mental strengths and weaknesses and what really makes them tick. I find his insights very helpful in dealing with the client and shaping my strategy in the case. I know that I can also always trust the thoroughness of Dr. Romanoff's written reports and know that his reports, along with his testimony, exude integrity and carry great weight with prosecutors and/or the court. Finally, and this may be an important contributing factor to Dr. Romanoff's success, I know that he enjoys his work, enjoys dealing with people and remains fascinated by the complexities of the human mind.

--Ronald J. Nessim, Attorney at Law,
Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert, Nessim,
Drooks & Lincenberg, APC

Richard Romanoff is one of the finest mental health experts I have had the pleasure of working with during my thirty-six years of practicing criminal defense law in Los Angeles. Dr. Romanoff is a dedicated professional with extraordinary insights and analytical skills in evaluating clients with mental health disorders and defects. His reports are always authoritative, objective, probing, and even-handed. He has no hidden agenda and takes on each new evaluation with an open mind. Dr. Romanoff's expert testimony in cases of mine over the years has been compelling; he is very thoughtful and credible in responding to questions on both direct and cross-examination. Of special importance to a trial attorney is that Dr. Romanoff relates well with jurors; he is able to explain esoteric psychological principles and processes in every day language so that it is easily understood by jurors. I can say without any hesitation that Dr. Romanoff's testimony has played a significant role in the favorable outcome of several of my cases.

--Robert A. Schwartz,
California State Bar
certified specialist in criminal law,
past president of the Los Angeles
Criminal Courts Bar Association


I have used Dr. Romanoff on a number of criminal cases for over twenty years. He is so well respected by the judiciary and the prosecution that in a number of cases his opinion was accepted without even consulting another expert. In cases where the prosecution or the court have employed additional experts, they have often deferred to Dr. Romanoff's analysis. Dr. Romanoff also has a particular expertise in analyzing defendants whose conduct occurs in a cultural background not understood by most other psychiatrists or psychologists. He is the best.

-- Harland Braun,
Criminal Defense Law,
Certified Specialist

Not only has Dr. Romanoff prepared numerous psychological evaluations that have been instrumental in my reaching favorable dispositions with prosecuting agencies, but his insightful testimony in front of a criminal jury panel resulted in a not guilty verdict in a hotly contested possession of child pornography case.

-- Robert E. Courtney,
Criminal Law Specialist

I have used the services of Dr. Richard Romanoff for many years. His evaluations of my clients are always thoughtful and professional. They are backed up with data and information that support his conclusions. He is well respected in the criminal justice system, and, I find that his reports are given great respect by prosecutors and judges.

--Richard G. Hirsch,
Attorney at Law,
Nasatir, Hirsch, Podberesky & Khero


As a criminal defense attorney, specializing in the representation of those charged with child molestation, I have been both privileged and, frankly, lucky to have found someone with the background, character, and expertise of Richard Romanoff. I have often retained Dr. Romanoff to evaluate clients accused of sexual offenses, including those that the State wishes to classify as Sexually Violent Predators. His reports are detailed, thoughtful, and always supported by both the facts and the most current information and studies available in the field of pedophilia, and the sexual molestation of minors. Most importantly, Dr. Romanoff's character and reputation are beyond reproach, and his reports, analysis and opinions are thus always given great deference, by prosecutors, juries and judges alike. He is fair, honest, and hard working, and I would not hesitate to call on him for an evaluation of a client whose entire future depends on the expert opinions of psychiatrists and psychologists who practice in this very specific and difficult area of the law.

--Leonard Levine,
Attorney at Law

Dr. Romanoff is a gifted, insightful and creative forensic psychologist, who has assisted me on numerous state and federal criminal matters throughout the years. He has a stellar reputation in the legal system, and his opinions carry great weight with both judges and prosecutors alike. He has an uncanny ability to quickly gain client trust and confidence, and to parse through difficult and complex emotional and psychiatric issues. He has played an important and significant role in my clients' lives, not only in helping them to successfully resolve their matters, but also in helping them productively move forward in their lives. If I could, I would have Dr. Romanoff on every one of my cases.

--Vicki Podberesky,
Attorney at Law,
Nasatir, Hirsch, Podberesky & Khero