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Comprehensive and Credible Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Romanoff conducts comprehensive psychological evaluations in a wide variety of criminal and civil court cases. His clinical interview skills facilitate the development of an open atmosphere with even the most guarded and defensive clients, thereby enabling the emergence of previously omitted and relevant case related information. This information can often help to clarify the precise mechanism by which psychological difficulties influenced that person's case related behavior. Dr. Romanoff thoroughly reviews all relevant background information in developing his case specific conclusions, and regularly interviews important collateral sources, in an effort to arrive at an accurate and thorough understanding of each individual's psychological makeup. Relevant cognitive and personality assessment instruments are also used to gain the clearest possible understanding of each person's cognitive and emotional functioning. Potential issues of malingering and symptom exaggeration are directly addressed in every evaluation, in an effort to establish the accuracy and credibility of any and all psychological findings. This rigorous evaluation approach insures that ultimate findings of actual illness or impairment maintain their credibility, and stand up to rigorous cross-examination. Evaluation results are then comprehensively summarized in a clearly written and jargon free report that also includes targeted treatment recommendations.

Helping Clients Acknowledge and Overcome Case Related Mental Health Problems

Dr. Romanoff's extensive clinical training and experience provides him with a unique set of skills for helping clients to better understand the impact that existing psychological problems are having on them. Court cases involving individuals are sometimes a direct consequence of untreated mental health and substance abuse difficulties, and the crisis of a court case can provide enhanced motivation for that individual to embrace meaningful relevant treatment. Dr. Romanoff has often found that with the implementation of appropriate treatment, individuals often look back on their initial legal crisis as the start or deepening of their recovery efforts. Dr. Romanoff helps each client find optimal treatment providers and programs that are ideally suited to meet their specific clinical needs, using his wide knowledge of programs and providers in the Southern California area and beyond.

Helping Attorneys Understand and Integrate Mental Health Issues In Their Cases

Dr. Romanoff also provides assistance to attorneys in cases where mental health or substance abuse issues are present. Clients often hide the existence of such difficulties, and attorneys sometimes lack sufficient expertise to clearly identify when such issues are present and how they may have affected offense related behavior. Based on his extensive involvement in thousands of court cases, when present, Dr. Romanoff can provide attorneys with assistance in helping them to incorporate relevant mental health and substance abuse difficulties as they develop their overall case strategy.